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How To Resize Images for Email right in Thunderbird & Outlook

If you have a digital camera, you may have photo sizes around 3-5mb each. Sending an email with 10 photo’s will be quite large. So here’s a solution for sending photo’s to reduce the size of the email.


10 Sites To Send Free Text Messages To Cell Phones (SMS)

Do you send a lot of SMS messages, and you’re at a computer nearly every time? Why not utilise the Internet to send free text messages to your mates. Here are 10 sites that allow you to send free text messages.


6 Free Sites To Learn About Programming in PHP

Want to learn PHP programming? Check out these 6 sites to create yourself awesome PHP applications.


How To Use Your Domain Name As An OpenID Login

This is a tutorial on how you can turn your own domain name, or website into an OpenID Login.


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