Is an Online Police Check Actually Safe and Secure?

In Australia, the traditional way to get a Police Check was to fill out a paper form, visit a JP to photocopy and verify your 100 Points of ID, and then mail the documents out. It took almost 2 weeks to receive your Police Check provided you filled out the application form correctly. However, there are

Did you know that there is another company that owns Google?

Did you know that there is another company that owns Google? Guess what the name of this company is called? The Answer? Well, you have to read “55 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Google”.

Online Games For Kids: Poki Playground

Back in the day when I was in primary school, FunnyJunk was the go to place to go for all your Flash Animation, Games and Gifs. Fast forward 15 years, Facebook Games seems to be the place to be. However, another site I have come across that has a decent range of games is Poki

3 Tips for Managing an Off-Site Workforce

Having a globalised workforce is one of the best parts of technology in the 21st century. It means that companies no longer have to rely solely on local talent, and can search the world over for the right candidate for a position. This opens you up to hiring from groups ranging from seasoned professionals living

6 Cool business opportunities that can earn money by working from home

With high speed internet on its way through the NBN, now is the chance to get on the innovation band-wagon and look at a few business opportunities from home that can allow you to earn extra money while being in the comfort of your own home. By working just a few hours per night, you can start

Domain Name Corp – Scamming Unsuspecting Australian Business Owners

Think you are smart enough to not get scammed? Well think again. There is a scam going around Australia targeting unsuspecting business owners. Of the two people that I know who received this letter, both were ready to pay it.

Review: Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is Samsung’s latest flagship phone and is a continued success in Samsung’s Galaxy’s product range. After pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S7 back in March and after three months of use, it’s is by far one of the best phones that I have.