Tell us how you use your smartphone and WIN a case for your smartphone or tablet

Thanks to The Snugg and, we’re giving luckily readers a chance to win a free case of your choice for your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is tell us how you use your smartphone and you’ll go into the draw. The Snugg would also love to give readers a 5% discount

The LG G Smartwatch Review – It will be good soon

I managed to get my hands on the brand new LG G Smartwatch thanks to MobileZap, a supplier of the latest smartwatches to see what all the fuss is about wearable technology. This is my first time using a smartwatch and I can really see the usefulness, however, there is still a lot more development

Keeping Fit and Measuring Your Heart Rate With The Samsung Galaxy S4 [Sponsored]

The Samsung Galaxy S4, has no doubt pushed the boundaries when it was released, and it is one of the best phones I’ve had. For those who may not be able to afford the new S5 with a built in heart rate monitor, the Official Samsung Heart Rate Monitor band will be the next best

23 Million PayPal Customers Are Unhappy, According To PayPal

When you log into PayPal, you may come across this image saying there are 120 million happy PayPal customers. So how many PayPal users are there? According to PayPal’s media website, there are 143 million active registered accounts. So one can only assume, there are 23 Million unhappy PayPal users. Put it another way, the

SEIDIO Obex Waterproof Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

If you are wanting a light-weight, durable, and waterproof mobile phone case for your Samsung Galaxy S4, look no further than the Seidio Obex case. I’ve reviewed a number of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases in the past, and each of them have pro’s and con’s, but as for the Seidio Obex case, the pro’s outweighed

The Samsung Note 3 + Gear Is A Pretty Neat Combo

The Samsung Note 3 + Gear is a pretty cool gadget set, I want one. As a kid, I thought a watch with a calculator was pretty high tech, then they had watches that could tell the tide, and now they can make phone calls and take pictures. I use the Samsung S4 as my