Do you leave your phone on your desk? You will need this

If you have an office job and you are stuck behind a desk all day, you may find yourself constantly checking your smartphone to keep yourself sane. Whether that be checking Facebook, YouTube, or Tinder, you should think about getting yourself a desk cradle for your smartphone. Trust me, it will make things that little bit easier.


I certainly find checking my phone when it’s laying flat on the desk somewhat annoying. It’s difficult to pick up without accidentally swiping away notifications, it’s hard to see on an angle, and sometimes you might be relaxed back into your chair and just too lazy to learn forward.

Or maybe you are showing a bunch of friends a video clip. A smartphone desk cradle certainly makes viewing a pleasure to all without trying your hardest with holding your hand trying to keep your phone still; accidentally touching the screen and pausing the video; leaving full screen mode, or skipping the best bits.

By having a smartphone cradle on your desk, you can see your phone notifications straight away without taking your eyes too far away from your computer screen.

I’ve used a couple of mobile phone desk cradles in the past, but I am really a fan of the new Strike Puck Stand.

Made of silicon rubber and weighted base grips, you can cradle your smart phone in 3 positions, Slanted, Tilted and Upright. The Puck Stand not only looks stylish, it feels nice too. It won’t slide around on your desk, and your phone sits into it quite nicely.

The Strike Puck Stand is portable, minimalist, durable and is compatible with most smartphones and tablets. It has been designed to give you multiple viewing positions for your phone, tablets and e-readers. With a simple yet sturdy design, the puck stand is perfect for you to take anywhere.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and my phone sits snug into it, and at the perfect viewing angle for checking notifications and watching YouTube clips. Although, depending on the angle, the stand blocks about 1mm of the screens edge, but that hasn’t caused me any loss of sleep.

Overall, I am quite satisfied, and it is a welcome addition to my desk.

For more information, visit the Strike website.

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