JackCola.org 2011: A Year In Review

I started this website back in August 2009 to be an online portfolio to promote myself. Over the years, when I found an interesting topic, I Blogged about it, and currently I have just over 150 articles, and 15 product review posts – which isn’t really much when you think about it. Nevertheless, this is my hobbies, and I enjoy doing this when I have spare time and not studying.

This year, I have joined a few other Blogs that I occasionally write for:

  • TechAU.tv – Written mainly by Jason who I’ve been following since it almost began, but has since added more writers (including myself)
  • The Daily Buggle – A site owned by one of my co-workers from MakeUseOf.com when I was writing for them, which I have recently joined.

The other achievements I’ve done this year was holding two competition’s to give away 2 BoB2, 2 Wireless Bridges, and a BoB Lite that iiNet kindly gave to me to giveaway to readers. Also surprisingly, this year I setup both a Facebook Page for JackCola.org and a Google+ Page.

2011 In Stats

Since I launched this site in 2009, it wasn’t until the end of December 2010 until the traffic to this site took off, which happened after I merged another site of mine to this one. Then in January, I had the biggest day in traffic I have ever had after I live blogged the QLD Floods as it closely affected me. Then in May, I broke my record again by only 24 visits, which was a 14000% increase of traffic from the exact day last year. This time, I got lots of traffic from Google after Skype installed Easy Bits Go on people’s PC’s. From then on, I’ve had a slow, but study increase of traffic. From 1st January to December 18th of 2010 and 2011, I have had over 1000% increase of traffic, which is a great achievements. I hope this trend will continue, and that I get a lot more followers.

The Most Popular Articles of 2011

After Google have published the Zeitgeist list, I thought I would publish my most popular articles for this year.

  • Who is the mother in How I Met Your Mother – If you follow the TV show, and you want to know who the mother is; have a read of some of the myths on who it could be. This article catered for 14% of total pageviews for the year
  • How to delete and start your Facebook account from scratch – If you are concerned about privacy like I was, why don’t you delete your Facebook account and start over like I did – these were the steps I did. This article catered for 10% of total pageviews for the year
  • Get 1GB of Free DropBox Space with DropBox Quest – Although the offer is no longer available, this article provided the instructions to get 1GB of free DropBox space. This article catered for 10% of total pageviews for the year
  • The best Google Translator Easter Eggs – Easter eggs are hidden gimmicks in software, and Google Translator has a few of them. Translate a particular phrase from one language to another, and see the jokes the software developers had fun with. This article catered for 7% of total pageviews for the year

Other popular articles include:

What’s planned for 2012?

Well more great articles of course, but what I think is great, and what you think is great could be two completely different things, so let me know what you want to see more of on JackCola.org by providing me with some feedback, or just send me an email.

Apart from that, I hope to expand the “Learn” section of my site by covering more topics and in more depth (so let me know what you wish to learn about). I am also in the process of relaunching my directory that will contain a great list of resources that anyone can edit (Websites, people, and a few other things). I am also creating a FAQ section so you can find answers to general computer tips and other frequently asked questions. One final thing I have planned is that I am going to be introducing an online store selling products and some of my services that I offer.

So quite a lot will happen in the beginning of 2012, so look out for them, and make sure you Like JackCola.org on Facebook for updates, which I will be making most of my announcements from.

So I really hope you’ve enjoyed 2011, and I wish you all the best for 2012.

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.


Jack Cola


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