My MakeUseOf Posts For April

The reason why I didn’t have any posts for MakeUseOf is because I had a little bit of a break to work on other projects of my such as CreateASuccessfulBlog. So I took a break for February and March.

So last month was April, and I wrote the following articles.

5 Great Sites To Create Your Own Forum

This posts introduces you to 5 websites where you can easily create your own online forum and be an administrator.

5 Great Tutorial Websites To Learn How To Do Something

Sometimes you may want to do something but don’t know quite how to do it. In this post, I discuss 5 great tutorial sites that teach you how to do basically anything.

How To Create A Professional-Looking Flash Website For Free

This post walks you though how you can create a professional looking Flash website for free with Wix.


I am now MUO PDF Editor

I’ve been at MakeUseOf since August 2009, and in March, I was promoted to be MakeUseOf PDF Guide Editor. In my role, I am responsible for anything relating to the PDF guides. So if you have any questions, or want to write your own for MakeUseOf, and get paid for it, please contact me.

So that’s all the news for April, stay tuned for May!

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