Reasons why you need to write down your ISP phone number

As with my last post, I mentioned that my internet was down. It was down for quite some time. I then decided to give my ISP a call to see what is happening.  So I open up Firefox and and go to their website to find their number, only to realise that the Internet is down 🙁

Well, the Yellow pages will finally come in handy, that’s if I still remember how to use them.

You may comment that “why don’t you check your bills?” The reason is, I am not the one who pay them, and I don’t have access to them, and the person who does is overseas.

So when your internet has been down, what have you done to find out why?

Update: I couldn’t find their number in the White or Yellow Pages. The reason for the outage was a power fault that effect most of the country.

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