It’s All On! Here Comes The Competition/War

Over the past few weeks, the competition for the online world has fired up. As Microsoft and Yahoo join forces to battle the search engine war against Google, Facebook acquired a new friend today, FriendFeed to defeat Twitter.

Sneaky Google have revealed today that they have secretly been working on a project that will revamp their search algorithm, producing real-time results and at a faster speed. If you want, you can check it out here. Why are they totally redeveloping their search engine? Because along cam Bing, for a bit of competition.

So the plans for the Microsoft and Yahoo merge is for Microsoft to handle the search engine technology while Yahoo will handle the sales and advertising. Together, they hope they can take Google’s number one spot in both search engine and website advertisement.

So what about Twitter, Facebook, Myspace? We’ll we can safely say that Myspace is out of the picture. Popularity has gone down as you can see by this pretty graph Google has prepared. So what are MySpace future plans? Maybe to launch an email service to compete against Hotmail and Gmail, or even ditch social networking site all together and become a place for games as News Corps sees it.

Now onto Facebook. Today they just release information on their Blog, that they are becoming more like Twitter by improving their search feature to now search for people’s wall discussions and status updates. Ironically, just like Twitter. However, one thing Twitter hasn’t done yet is to buy out some of its competition, just as Facebook did today. So what is Facebook’s plan with this? Instead of developing features of its own, to help it’s competition against Twitter, it just buys them from another website.

So what all this competition about? You have Microsoft and Yahoo versing Google to become the number one search engine, and you have Facebook and Twitter versing each other to be the number one social networking site. Not only that, you have all 4 companies all affected by each other trying to reach their goals of becoming the best on the web. Whether it be search engine, or social networking.

So what are your thoughts? Is Microsoft and Yahoo going to beat Google, is Twitter going to make money? Is Myspace doomed forever?

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