Note To Self: Do Not Block Google Analytics and Adsense

I’m doing what Bloggers shouldn’t. That is, checking your site statistics through Google Analytics and money earn’t through Adsense everyday. To help with my temptation of looking, I configured my router to blog the domains and

After doing that, I go on the other addicting site Facebook and wonder, why isn’t this working. I try Google, Bing, Make Use Of – and none of them work. I check VOIP to see if the net is down, and I ping the above sites and everything is fine.

Then it hit me. I blocked Analytics and Adsense (yes I am forgetful, but it is late at night).

So I unblock the two URL’s, and bam, the internet is back to normal. This is because, my router blocks all websites that use the two domains that I blocked. Either websites use Adsense to display ads, or they use Analytics to track there site’s statistics.

To me, this has sparked an interesting realisation. Websites rely to much on Google. In a previous post, I posted a video of what Google Owns, or hopes to own in the future. I couldn’t believe it myself, that if I block two websites, almost every website on the internet does not work. It’s pretty amazing. So what happens if Google decides to implement destructive something on there servers? It will affect almost everyone as almost every single site uses Google for some reason. Not only this, what if the Government decides to block Google for what ever reason? Aren’t they thinking about that in China now? Not only can you not access Google, you won’t be able to access any sites that use Google for statistics or advertisements.

So what do you think? Should blocking two websites block the entire internet? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


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