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Have A Look At Everything Google Has To Offer

Google does a lot more than just being a search engine. But have you actually had a look at the corporate side of Google? I suggest you check it out, because you can learn a lot of things about how Google became what it is today. But aside from that, you should check out everything

How Does A Google Search Work?

You might ask yourself, how does a Google Search work? This image from Google might just sum it up.   Source: Google Corporate – Technology Overview

My MakeUseOf Posts for July

I began writing for MakeUseOf at the start of July, so here is a round-up of my July posts. Measure Wi-Fi Signal Strength at Your Home with HeatMapper This was my first post on MUO. If you ever want to measure the strength of your WiFi network signal, this is a great tool to do

Skype Spam

I updated my Skype to version a few days back, and I am now noticing Spam. People are adding me as a contact. Not people I know, but people who say look at my website and it is like 160 characters long. I never had this issue before I upgraded. Is it a coincidence?

100 Domain names that needed a little bit more thought

During my daily web crawl, I came across a website that had a pretty interesting Blog post. When you choose a domain name, you must make sure that you can easily distinguish the words. For example, when using a word that ends with the letter “s”, do not have the other word start with “ex”.

Welcome to Blog

Welcome to This Blog will be about my personal life, things that I find interesting. You can also see more at my Twitter page which you can find at I plan to have this update frequently, but it will be my least priority as my personal life, other websites and commitments have greater