Improve your child’s Brain Training with OfficeWorks Growing Minds

With the new school year upon, OfficeWorks has created a mobile app helping students from prep to grade 12 growing their minds.

There are three challenges available to take part in, with more challenges available to unlock when you visit an OfficeWorks store. Even though the app is targeted towards Primary and Secondary school students, some of the challenges at a year 12 level could be found challenging for some adults. And if they’re not, it’s great fun to try and beat your previous scores.

Science Lab


With this challenge, you are in your science lab and you are presented with a number of of objects. Your challenge is to successfully recall the order that the objects were presented to you.

Locked Out


Not sure which locker your books and lunch is in? You have a few moments to view the lockers before you have to remember which lockers you need to open.



Practice your maths before the joggers reach the finishing line.


When you start the app, you need to choose what grade level you are at. One downside is, that if you change year levels, you lose your results.

Overall, it’s technically a very basic app, but executed really well, and it is a very good game to install on your child’s phone or tablet.


For more information, visit OfficeWorks Growing Minds. The app is available on Android and the AppStore

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