SEIDIO Obex Waterproof Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

SEIDIO OBEX Waterproof CaseIf you are wanting a light-weight, durable, and waterproof mobile phone case for your Samsung Galaxy S4, look no further than the Seidio Obex case.

I’ve reviewed a number of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases in the past, and each of them have pro’s and con’s, but as for the Seidio Obex case, the pro’s outweighed the cons.

Seidio Features

The Seidio Obex Case offers all-round protection from elements such as water, snow, mud, dust and sand, while still allowing you easy access the charger port and headphone jacks. The design of the case also protects the phone from drops of up to 2 metres!. One thing the case doesn’t offer, is heat protection (see why later). seidio back cover

The case will set you back a costly $95, but compared to other cases on the market that offer shock proofing and waterproofing, the Seidio Obex is incredibly light and does and surprisingly not that bulky. It’s also an extremely good investment if you are prone to dropping phones!

Living with the Seidio Obex

I’ve been using the Seidio Obex for nearly three months, and out of the 3-4 cases I’ve used, I like it the best.

One of the two major downsides to the case is accessing the charger port and the the picture quality of taking photo’s. As the GS4 battery life only lasts 1-2 days, releasing the charger protector flap can be a bit tough, especially for those that do not have nails. But then again, if you are out fishing, you want a tight fitting. seidio power

The second downside is the image quality when taking photo’s with the camera. I find pictures are not as sharp with the Seidio Obex, especially in dark areas. I often found I had to digitally manipulate the images to make them sharper and more vibrant.

As I am also a volunteer fire-fighter, the sturdy case does give me a piece of mind that my phone will be safe if it’s on me, or flying around the backseat of the truck. For a case, it’s lightweight and doesn’t add much bulk, and their is little affect to the sound quality… unlike the Griffin Survivor case.

Overall, I am very happy with the case, and I will continue to use it. You can purchase the Seido from as well as other Galaxy S4 Cases.

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