What are the consequences of failing fault management?

Ibrahim asks:

Hi.. I need you’re help please.

What is the consequences of failing like fault management can you help me please?

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If you fail at fault management, there will be all kind of consequences – it just depends on what fails, why it fails, and the risk involved if it does fail.

You have to ensure you have a working alert system that alerts you instantly if faults appear – or even before they appear. Such as alerting your if disk space is low on your computer before it runs out. You also have to ensure you have the resources when dealing with faults. If it happens at 3am in the morning, is there someone who can respond to it? Is there a plan of who should be alerted first?

You also have to ensure the procedures you put in place work and you regular check that they work. For example, if a fault goes undetected, it can cause a major issue. Think of a smoke alarm – if it doesn’t work, you wouldn’t know if there is a fire so you have to regularly maintain and ensure it works.

So if you fail at fault management, a lot can happen, the company could lose a lot of money. Think of a retail store. If one of the databases go offline, and there isn’t a backup procedure, none of the stores could make transactions thus losing thousands of dollars of loss sales.

I hope this helps.

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