How to share files and folders between two or more networked PC’s

There is often a time when you want to access files or folders (such as pictures and video’s) that is stored on one computer in your home and access them in another.

The following articles will help you solve this.

Things to keep in mind when sharing files:
  • Each computer on the network must have a different name
  • Computers should have the same workgroup name (Change computer name or workgroup name)
  • Your computer’s user account should have a password on it. If it doesn’t, sharing files and folders can be a bit of a pain
  • You can access other computers on your network by opening up My Computer and typing \\COMPUTERNAME in the Address bar (replacing COMPUTERNAME) with the name of the computer you want to access
  • If sharing only between Windows 7 computers, you may wish to setup a HomeGroup. This is how you setup HomeGroup.

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