How to disable automatic restarts so you can read the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

If your computer automatically restarts, you’ll likely be getting what is known as the Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD for short.

You will get the Blue Screen of Death through either Software issues – incorrect drivers installed, or with Hardware issues, such as you’re computer can cool the CPU so it shuts it down so it doesn’t melt and create further damage.

However, your computer may be configured so you don’t have enough time to read what the actual problem is. To disable automatic restarts, follow the below instructions:

  1. Right click on Computer, select properties
  2. Select Advance System Settings and select the Advance tab
  3. Under Startup and Recovery, click the Settings button
  4. Untick the Automatically Restart checkbox, and click OK and close all the dialoge boxes.
The next time you see the BSOD, it will stay on that screen until you manually turn of your computer by pressing the power button.
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