Why You Need To Buy A Domain Name In Your Name & How To Do It

Why You Need Your Own Domain NameHave you heard of people say www.facebook.com, www.google.com, or even www.jackcola.org? These are all called domain names. Without going into too much details, every website as an IP address. IPv4 addresses are like in the format of xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx. For example: will open up www.google.com. Therefore, instead of remembering a bunch of numbers, we use domain names to easily find our favourite websites.

Why Do I Want A Domain Name In My Name?

So why should you buy a domain name that is your name? For example, my name is Jack Cola, so I have registered the domain name www.jackcola.org. Why .org? Because I wasn’t quick enough to purchase the .com; which is point number 1.

Before someone snaps it up

You need to be quick with getting your hands on domain names, because only one person can hold a domain name at a time. If you do not register a domain name that you want, someone else can snatch it up and hang on it forever, or charge you lots of money to let you have it.

To Promote Yourself

As I have done, I have purchased www.jackcola.org to promote my work and myself. Although I primarily use it to host my blog, other people use to show off their resume, portfolio, or even to expand their business cards.  If your name is Jane Summers and you are a photographer, imaging sharing your work to the world, while everyone who views your work will see your name. Even better, when someone searches for your name, they will get the results on your website first, and push down the results of the drunken photos of you on Facebook account. It’s better that you have it, before someone else of the same name buys the domain name and tarnishes your name.Purchase Your Domain Name To Have An Online Resume

You Get An Awesome Email Address

Are you sick of having yourname@gmail.com or @hotmail.com, @live.com, @outlook.com, @yahoo.com? How cool would it be if you had me@janesummers.com or jane@summersfamily.com? No more giving out your email: jane94837_cat@hotmail.com to prospective employers, or losing your emails because you didn’t log in for 30 days.

How Do I Purchase A Domain Name In My Name?

From reading the above, you have decided you want to purchase a domain name. But how? It’s quite simple. You need to find a domain registrar to register the domain on your behalf. I strongly recommend www.NameCheap.com. However, just registering the domain name isn’t enough. You need to put the content online so your domain name can point to it. How do you do that? Again, it is quite easy, and I can help you out over at www.mybudgethosting.com.  All you need to do is put through an order.

Buy Domains Through MyBudgetServer

You can register a domain name, and web hosting from MyBudgetServer for $5 per month. If you get your hosting through MyBudgetServer, I will be able to help you achieve all the above, help setup an online resuming or a website promoting yourself, and organising you an awesome email address.

Register Domain Name: Namecheap

What Are You Waiting For?

Start promoting yourself now before someone tarnishes your online identity; get your Web Hosting and Domain name through www.mybudgetserver.com or www.namecheap.com today.

But remember, try not to register a domain like one of these!

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