What advice can you give to an aspiring IT student for wanting to buy a laptop?

In IT people are in one of two groups – those who like Apple, and those who don’t. So your choice is to buy an Apple computer or not. Personally, I don’t like Apple so I won’t buy one, so that the first choice to make.

After completing an IT course, I have written a lot about this topic which will be an interesting read for some.

What type of laptop should you buy for University?

This post outlines what to look for in a laptop specifically for a University student. In summary,

  • Battery
  • Size / Performance
  • Software you need
  • Base your decision on your course and needs
  • Know your tools to get the most out of using a laptop

What you should look out for when buying a new laptop

If you are studying IT, then you should know this already, but for those who don’t, this article contains a few tips to look out for when purchasing a laptop.

Save paper by printing lecture slides to Microsoft One Note

In this article, I used my computer for everything. I didn’t have a notepad or anything. Just my laptop. Here I show you how to keep lecture notes with Microsoft One Note. I originally wrote this post to be published on MakeUseOf, but they didn’t like it as it didn’t suit there theme at the time.

Report: Which method of taking notes enhances a students grade? Laptop or Pen and Paper?

And in this article, for one of my subjects, I conducted a small study on what is better to take notes with, a laptop or pen and paper. You can download my report and findings here.

Hopefully these articles help you to make the right decision on what laptop to purchase.


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