Here Are The Locations Of Speed Cameras In Australia

As a driver, even if we try not to speed, there are often times when we do, whether it is consciously or not. It seems we are always getting speeding tickets in places where it is easy to speed and we often put this down to simple Revenue Raising by Police.

If we see a Speed Camera, we often slow down because we don’t want to receive a nasty fine in the mail. However, did you know that the location of Fixed Speed Camera’s, Red-Light Camera’s, and Mobile Speed Camera locations are available online for all to view?

Speed Camera Locations Victoria


If you want to find out where Fixed Speed Camera’s location are in Victoria, Fixed Red-Light Camera Locations are in Victoria and Point-To-Point Speed Camera locations are within Victoria and around Melbourne, you can find them all at

On this page, you will see a map of all the Speed Camera locations. Also, you will find a link to an Excel Spread Sheet outlining all the possible places where Mobile Speed Camera may be located.

Speed Camera Locations New South Wales


For drivers in New South Wales, all the Fixed Speed Camera locations, Fixed Speed Camera locations in School Zones, Mobile Speed Camera locations, new High Risk Mobile Speed Camera locations and Red-Light Speed Camera’s can all be found in this PDF document

However, at time of writing, the document was last updated in August. However, you can download other available documents of NSW Speed Camera Locations at

Speed Camera Locations Queensland


Brisbane drivers can find the Speed Camera locations on this page There is a map of where the cameras are located, the type of camera used as well as a list of all the camera’s and their implementation date. You can also find a larger view of the speed camera locations on this Google Map.

Speed Camera Locations Western Australia


Speed Camera locations and Red-Light Camera locations for WA drivers can be found here

Speed Camera Locations For South Australia


For drivers in Adelaide, a list of Speed Cameras can be found here For those in South Australia but outside the Capital City, you can find the country Speed Camera locations at

Speed Camera Locations in Northern Territory


Speed Camera locations in Northern Territory and Darwin can be found at

ACT Fixed, Red-Light and Mobile Speed Camera’s in ACT


Information about the location of Speed Cameras, Red-Light Camera’s, Mobile Speed Camera’s and Point-To-Point Camera’s can be found at However, at time of writing,

links on this pages are returning 404 errors.

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