15 Free Copies of Crave Invoice Pro To Giveaway

Thanks to Manoj from Reflection Software Solutions, I have 15 free copies of Crave Invoice Pro (Version to giveaway to readers. To win, simply answer How much does Crave Invoice Pro cost in USD?

The first 15 people to answer correctly will win a free full, non-expiry license key for Crave Invoice Pro version If you know the answer, continue reading for the entry form.

What is Crave Invoice? – It’s Invoicing Software

Crave invoice is an invoicing and billing program that allows businesses to manage products, customers, invoices and receipts easily through an application installed on their computer. There are many powerful features built in which include:

  • Automatically email recurring invoices to customers
  • Customise the templates of invoices, quotations and more to meet your business needs
  • A whole range of reports that can be generated at a click of a button
  • Easy to learn and use interface

Installing and Configuring

Installing Crave Invoice was a breeze and was no different to other software installs that you have done in the past. Once installed, you will be presented with a setup screen to configure your organisation’s company, tax, and currency details.


Once you’re done with the initial setup, you are instantly on your way to create your first invoice.



One thing I like about Crave Invoice is that it is very easy to use. There is a consistent layout and you are not overwhelmed with options as you are with other invoicing tools. Just click the Products tab and you can create a new product and view your existing products.


This is pretty much all there is to it. For small business this would be a perfect solution, but for larger ones, it might not offer the flexibility that you want such if each product you sell has a unique serial number that has to be recorded. However, for a sporting club or freelancer, it is a perfect solution.


Adding customers is just as easy and contains all the fields that you need.


Invoices and Sales Orders

This is where Crave Invoice does what it does best – the invoicing.Invoices

One of my requirements of good software is that it allows tasks to be done easily and fast. There is nothing worse of having to do 10 or so of the same task and it takes forever to do. Creating an invoice is as easy as selecting the customer’s name which populates their details into the form. You then just have to select the items to be invoiced and few other optional options like adding notes or selecting a payment term. Once everything is filled out, just click on the email button and the software automatically emails the customer. Printing it out is just as easy. viewinvoice

As for creating Sales orders, it is almost an identical step to creating an invoice.


Once a customer has paid for the invoice, select Receipts to record the payment and enter the details.receivepayment

Once entered, you can then print out, or email the receipt to the customer.printrpayment


In terms of features, that’s basically the core functions of Crave Invoice. However, there are quite a lot of things you can do to customise it to your business needs. Here are a few things you can do:

Use it with multiple companies – you are not stuck with just one company name


Use it with multiple users with user accounts and set access permissions – if you work in a team, you can give access to certain parts of the softwareusermanager

Configure automatic numbering – you can easy change the auto numbering sequence for your documents


Add Periods – such as between summer or winter periods


Manage Currencies – working in AUD, USD, Euro or any other currency


Importing Data – easily import your data from an existing databaseimportdata

Advance Settlements – accept payments for the future


Reports Viewer – view a whole range of sales, customers or tax reports


Customising Templates – customise your template design to meet any requirements you have


And there are even more features:

  • Manage countries and cities
  • Transport and courier information
  • Add sales persons
  • Add payment terms
  • Add units of measurements
  • Change product prices in bulk
  • Payment Receipts
  • Managing expense accounts and expense groups
  • Batch printing
  • Tax rates

If you think this software will be useful for you or your business, why not try to win a copy, saving you $theanswer!

Competition has closed

Congratulations to the following winners: Scott, Brandan, Biswajit, Gillian, Samuel, Mark, Elsa, Bala, Raman, Bala, Roberto, Hemant, Sarah, Martin and Asif.


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