A Roundup Of The Best Floppy Drive Music You Must Listen To

Remember the old floppy disks we all used to use before USB sticks? Well, they are back in fashion, this time, for a different reason… Music.

Yes, that’s right. People have been making some pretty good tunes out of floppy disks. Here’s a roundup of my favourite Floppy Drive Music.

What Is Love

Avicii – Levels

Party Rock Anthem

Owl City –  Fireflies

Smile Song

Flight of the Floppy Drives

Touhou – Bad Apple

Winter Wrap Up

Through the Fire and Floppies (Flames)

He’s A Pirate

In the Hall of the Mountain King

Metallica: Master of Floppys

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Skrillex

Starts Wars

This is Halloween

Want You Gone

Still Alive

Phantom of the Floppera

007 Theme

And the songs that didn’t quite make the cut

A big thanks goes to MrSolidSnake745, and Sammy1Am for creating some of these best Floppy Drive Sounds.

So what do you think of Floppy Disk Music? Did you ever think it was possible back in the 90’s?

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