Secrete Sound AFL Footy Pack Has Arrived

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The reason for this post is that a few weeks ago, VentraIP had a promotional day giving away free things, and I was lucky enough to win something from them.

The game was called “secrete sound” in which you had to listen to this MP3 file and guess the sound. The first person to guess correctly won an AFL Supporters pack for their favourite team, and for me that is the Brisbane Lions.

A few days ago it arrived, which I incidentally had trouble collecting as it was addressed to them but too my address (Opps). Nevertheless, I finally collected it and the AFL Supporters pack contained:

  • A Beanie
  • Jersey
  • Stubby Holder
  • Lions Monkey (which is quite cute, but would have thought it would be a lion not a monkey)
  • 2 Face washers
  • A plush football
  • And the receipted (which the total cost was well over what I thought it would be!)




So VentraIP, thank you very much for the prize and it can go with my signed Brisbane Lions framed poster of their 2003 premiership win.

If anyone is after some Australian web hosting or domain names from a great company, visit and check them out.

Ps. I didn’t post what the answer was to the secrete sound as I thought it would be fun for you to try to guess what it is if you didn’t get a chance to play (although I don’t have a prize for you).

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