Troubleshooting Viewing Your Laptop Through Your TV

With Home Media Centres becoming more popular, you may find yourself wanting to connect your laptop to your television so you can watch movies and play games on a larger screen. But when you go to connect your laptop to your TV whether being through VGA, or HDMI, you may run into some problems.

If you can’t view your computer through your television, their may be some settings that you have to change such as the resolution on your laptop.

Your laptop’s video output must not be higher then what your television is capable of displaying. Nowadays, this is very unlikely to occur.

For example, if your laptop outputs a video resolution of 1680×1050 and your TV is only capable of displaying 1280×1024 as a maximum resolution, your TV will show a message of Input Not Supported or something similar.

To fix this, you must go to your video card or display settings on your computer and make it lower.image

If your laptop is not working properly on your TV and you play a game and it doesn’t work, you have to change the resolution in your games settings. This will be found in your games option menu.

If you can’t seem to get a picture at all, you may have to change the output settings on your laptop. On laptops, there should be a FN hotkey button that you can select to show your screen on your laptop display, on the external display or both. Doing so will change your laptop’s output video source.


If after your laptop is connected to your TV, and you now want to use it normally, and you don’t get a picture, you may need to change the output source back to your laptop display. However, this should be done automatically for you by your laptop.


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