How To Troubleshoot A Site That Does Not Work

Have you visited a website and found that it’s not connecting or not working properly? There may be server possible reasons for this such as:

  • The server is down
  • The site is closed
  • It may be blocked for you in your country
  • The site is illegal
  • Your internet settings may be incorrect
  • Your network is down
  • You are not directly connected to the internet

There are a few ways to test why a site isn’t working. First of all, you can ping the server to see if your computer can actually locate it. Just open up Command Prompt by typing in CMD into a run command, and type ping servername. For example, to test if is up, you would type ping

If you get a reply, the site will most probably be up, if not, you can do a tracert to see where the connection stops.



You can visit to check if it’s down for everyone or just you.

Other things to check try accessing the website through a proxy. The following two articles I have written will be able to help you:

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