So I Just Got Google Buzz – I Don’t Think It Will Replace Facebook

So the day before its launch was the the first time I heard about Google new product Google Buzz. I heard from various sites that it will replace Facebook because 1, it is from Google, and 2, it integrates all of Google sites together. But I have to say, I totally disagree that it will replace Facebook.

For starters all I have figured out how to do is post status updates. There is nothing else to it. Not only that, I think it is a bit on the spammy side of things. I don’t want my Gmail inbox that I use everyday for work and business to be filled up with my friends Buzz updates. Is there a way to stop that? Probably, but I haven’t worked it out yet. And I am sure my friends don’t what their Gmail inbox full of status updates too. And if you use POP for example, you can’t reply directly to the update – the message will appear just like an email.

And why would I want to stop using Facebook for? It has everything a social networking website has. And better yet, all my 150+ friends don’t get direct access to my email address unless I post it up there. But with Google Buzz– all your friends will get your email address – and I just don’t want that.

I think Google’s idea to incorporate it into Gmail was a bad idea – you should have made a completely new site that is away from my inbox. That way it lets you start from scratch, and it keeps my emails away from my social life. It would also allow you expand to include other apps without flooding the Gmail interface.

So what are your thoughts about Google Buzz? Like it, hate it? Will you use it? Do you agree with me?


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