PayID Assists Stalkers Stalk – Have someone’s mobile number and want to know who it is? PayID it!

PayID, a new service that makes sending and receiving money from your bank account a little easier. So instead of remembering those bank details, all you need to do is provide someone your mobile number, ABN, ACN or another similar identifier.

However, when using the service yesterday to pay back someone after doing an escape room with them, I realised you could also use the service to find out who owns a mobile number – provided they have registered with PayID.

How to find out who owns a mobile number

If you are a CommBank user, it’s quite easy to find out who owns a mobile number, provided they have registered it with PayID.

Just open your CommBank App, log in, select Pay Now and Mobile Number. Enter the mobile number, and if they have registered with PayID, you’ll see their name.

Is this a privacy breach?

I’d say it is, because I am pretty cautious about my privacy, and I didn’t realise this was possible until I actually used the service. The PayID website isn’t as straight coming either, passing the blame onto the bank to inform you of the privacy implications.

Privacy of your personal information is important. Your financial institution will make sure you understand that when you create your PayID you understand that your personal information like your PayID and your name will be displayed to payers.

PayID is a registered trademark owned by NPP Australia Limited (NPPA). The PayID service is provided to you by your financial institution. If you have any questions about privacy, check out your financial institution’s privacy policy. Refer to NPPA’s privacy policy for information relating to PayID and privacy.

So I guess you have to weigh up the benefits. Are you happy people are able to look up your name if they have your mobile number to be able to easily pay people just by using a phone number?

So PayID is just one more tool you can use to Stalk People Online.

Over to you…

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