Stare At Negative Images To See The Full Colour Image


The above image has been circling around the internet a bit today. In fact, as I was writing this, someone told me to come have a look at the exact same image. So basically, you stare at the dots on the girls nose for about 30 seconds, then you look at a something white, like a piece of paper, the wall, or a blank FireFox browser tab and quickly blink your eyes. You will see the girl in FULL COLOUR.

However, as I discovered myself (I’m sure others have picked it up, but I never read it anywhere before) – this tactic works for almost all negative images. Just have a look at this negative image I found off Google.


Why don’t you try this on your own photo’s. Make a copy of one of your photo’s, open it in paint (Right click, edit) and press Control+Shift+I to make the image negative. Then stare at it. Let me know how it goes.


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