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Hi, my name is Jack Cola (well it’s, close to it).

I created this Blog for a place I can share my personal thoughts about anything. I could always post these topics to my main Blog found here, but I decided to keep it seperate as my main blog is more proffessional and has higher quality posts – I didn’t want to intervene on that. So I created this Mini Blog that I will post smaller, but more frequent posts about anything really.

If you subscribe, you are subscribing to me, if you subscribe to the main blog, you are subscribing to technology.

When I started my main Blog, the aim was to Blog about anything, but I wanted to keep a high quality standard, but I never posted much. Now, I am going to start Blogging lower quality posts, but more frequently. There isn’t going to be a set niche on this Blog, it could be anything from how my day went, to tech news, to how I got pissed off playing tennis.

So only time will tell, how it will turn out.

So I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Oh, and yes, that is a picture of my Dog – You’ll probably see more photo’s of him. His name is River.

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  1. Ed MacNeill

    Hi Jack,
    I have stumbled across your web site as my wife Jenny our picking up a van next week from Mcrent Frankfurt. We are from Kununurra WA and our currently in Turkeu travelling. We are probably more concerned about our travels at the moment (which are awesome) and haven’t thought to much about where we are going once we pick up our van. Have you any advice about picking up the van – apart from get to re pickup early and don’t pull the phone charger out of the lighter socket too quickly. Which direction did you head. Was it easy to find a camp site the first night as you left Frankfurt.
    We want to be in De Villiers France for ANZAC day but apart from that are not locked into anything. We will eat a bit more organised I’m sure as we go along but any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Ed MacNeill

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