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What you should not do when creating Powerpoint Presentations

Here is a video I was shown at University by a lecturer. So do you do this? Share your comments.

Colasoft Capsa, Network Analyzer and Packet Sniffer

I was approached by ColaSoft to try out their network analysis software, and I have to say that I am impressed. They gave me an Evaluation Copy to try out their software which included: Capsa Network Analyzer Colasoft Mac Scanner Colasoft Packet Builder Colasoft Packet Player

How To Keep and Manage Lecture Notes with Microsoft OneNote

If you are a university student, then this is a must read. Since I am a university student, I see everyone printing out every single lecture slide and I think to myself, “What a waste of Paper, ink and trees.” Each student will go through like a realm of paper for each subject, just printing

How many emails per day do you receive?

Today I notice that I have been spending a lot of time checking my emails. I decided to count all the emails that are purposeful to me. I counted around 40. Is this too many, not enough, or should I spend some more time in the real world? What are your thoughts? Update: I just

Google Maps now contains traffic data for Australia

I will bring you a quote from the Google Au Blog. Starting today, a new feature is going to make those decisions a bit easier. Traffic information on Google Maps will show you the current traffic status of many motorways, major and minor arterial routes in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and smaller areas like Wollongong, the

Scams, Scams, Scams! Oh how I love them – GloMobileDraw

Co-incidence or not? I just signed up to iiNet, gave them my mobile number, and one and a half hours later, I get spam/scam messages on my phone. Anyway, I think it will be a co-incidence. Anyway, I got a sms message saying that I have won $250000 in prize money. You won $250,000 in

The New K.I.S.S Principle K.I.F.S.A.P

Everyone by now should have heard of KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid! But I would like to improve on this and add a few letters. Why? Because KISS just doesn’t stand up to its name in some situations. K.I.F.S.A.P – Keep It F*ing Simple And Practical is the new phrase. So many people and