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Facebook New Privacy Options Suck! – Your Privacy Is Now Gone

If you use Facebook, you must continue reading this post. It is important as it discusses the new Privacy settings that Facebook has recently launched and how your privacy level has decreased. Let me first say, Facebook states that “You will have more control than ever on who gets to see and has access to

Debate: Are Antivirus Software Necessary? (And Ways You Can Protect Yourself Without Them)

The everyday computer user will probably have some sort of Antivirus program installed on their computer. Although there are many pro’s to using antivirus software, and there are even more con’s. But do you really need to have an Antivirus Program at all? I’d say not, but many other people will say yes. One of

Change In Windows Update (Vista) – Is Microsoft Selling Ad Space in there OS?

Yesterday I noticed that Windows Update in Windows Vista had a make over. So Windows Update now looks like this. However, if you look at one of the updates (the description in the image above and below), is that really something you want to be installed on your computer? When you read “Make it easy

See What Data Google Holds On You

Google has released a video overnight telling us of a new feature, Google Dashboard. You can either watch the video, or read my very quick summary. Google Dashboard allows you to see what data Google holds about you with the applications that you use with Google, such as Gmail. For example, it tells you how

My MakeUseOf Posts for October

Once again, another month has gone past, and once again, I had more posts published on MakeUseOf. But this month I have been a bit busy, and only managed to get 2 posts published. This month I covered “How To Enable File Sharing On Vista Without Any Password”, so if you are having trouble sharing

Facebook Fake Password Reset Emails

If you receive an email from Facebook about resetting your password, just be careful because it might be a scam or a virus. There is currently an email going around that asks you to run a .exe file to reset your password. The thing is that most websites will not ask you to run a

Save Time Writing a Website URL With These 2 Tips

Over the past few weeks, many blogs have been writing articles about the web inventor apologising for included the // when entering a web address. Although they are pointless now, they do provide information. So if your a person who copies a URL that starts with http://www and ends with .com, .net or .org here