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Why you should never watch porn at work. You don’t know how many people are watching

This is a complete news update that was broadcast live on Australian TV on Channel 7. Have a look on over the Martin’s right shoulder round 1:15.    

RE-LIVE: What Every Gmail User Should Know About

Make Use Of have discussed a lot of tips about Gmail, and I think it is a good idea to bundle them all up together in one easy to read package. I am going to re-live Gmail and tell you what every Gmail user should know about. Shall I begin? 1 Awesome Gmail tip You

Sites to send free sms messages to mobile phones

In one of my Make Use Of posts, I wrote about how you can send free text messages (sms) to mobile (cell) phones. A lot of people have commented on the article of the sites that they use. So in one simple, easy to read list, here they are. So if you want to know

The Mobile Phone Screen Capturing App For Nokia S60 Devices

After I purchased my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, I went on the hunt for some useful apps. I found a very good one for taking screenshots of your mobile phone. It is called ScreenSnap. The quality of the pictures are excellent, as you can see on my 5800 XpressMusic review post. Just open the app, hide

What I Hate About Businesses

It’s those little tiny irrelevant things that businesses do to make customers happy or unhappy. I have a saying between business and customers and that is “The Customer Is Always Right”. Why should a business argue with a customer? What does the business have to gain? Nothing. What do they have to lose? Everything –

Review of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Phone

After my previous encounter with Nokia and how I said i will never by another Nokia phone ever again, I gave in to temptation and purchased a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I have to say though, I absolutely love this phone. The phone has everything you need in a phone. It’s got WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS (now

My First MUO eBook Published

I’ve been busy again at Make Use Of. This month my first eBook was published. This 7000+ word eBook details How To Create Professional Reports and Documents. It is based on Microsoft Word 2007 and shows you some features that you may not have known about, and what is involved in creating a professional report