Shift to Drift on the Poki Playground

Back in the day when I was in primary school, FunnyJunk was the go to place to go for all your Flash Animation, Games and Gifs. Fast forward 15 years, Facebook Games seems to be the place to be. However, another site I have come across that has a decent range of games is Poki Playground.

Poki Playground

Poki is your one stop shop for pretty much all your online and animated games. Poki has 100’s of games in a wide range of categories:

  • Racing & Car Games
  • Sports, Soccer and Basketball Games
  • Action and Shooting Games
  • Movie Games
  • Disney Games
  • Adventure Games
  • Board Games
  • Thinking and Maths Games
  • Skill Games
  • Lego Games
  • Typing Games
  • Pokemon

Game of the Day: Shift to Drift

The game of the day would be Shift to Drift, which you can play the game here. Shift to Drift is one of Poki’s latest addition to its game catalogue that has already received an 80% like rating.

Shift To Drift - Play

Shift to Drift has 36 races available in which your goal is to finish in first place.

The more levels and races that you complete, the faster, and harder the race becomes. It can be quite challenging and thrilling, especially when you receive a speed boost as you drift around hairpin corners.

Shift To Drift - Racing

There are two ways to control your car. If you are playing this game on your computer, you can either click and hold your mouse to point your car in the direction you want to go, or if you prefer, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control your car.

For those playing on an iPhone or Android, the game works just as well, but controlling your vehicle with your finger. I tested Shift to Drift on my Samsung Galaxy S7 using Google Chrome, and it worked perfectly. The app even opened in full screen mode automatically. It felt like you were playing a downloaded app on your phone.

Shift To Drift - Win

This game is great for anyone who loves playing racing games, and it can provide them with hours of entertainment.

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