Hands on with the LG G Watch R

Powered by Android Wear, the LG G Watch R (LG-W110) is a stylish revision of the previous LG G Watch that I reviewed not too long ago. But do I like it?

If you browse the LG Watch R website, it is all about style, which it is; however, the biggest letdown still is the Android Wear Operating System. The LG G Watch R is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 GHz processor and contains a 1.3 inch, full circular p-OLED screen that just looks amazing for an always-on watch interface. The 410mAh battery lasts twice the amount of time than its predecessor, lasting 2 days of moderate use. On the back, there is a green, laser-driven heart rate monitor, which I am a little sceptical to use. It contains a Barometer and has 9 Axis of motion and the watch is water resistant for up to 1 metre for 30 minutes.

Born Ready

My Thoughts

It Looks Good… that’s it

In a nutshell, design wise, it looks amazing, but usability is still extremely poor. In terms of Android Wear, there isn’t any noticeable changes from the previous LG G Watch, which you would think there would be some change after releasing a second revision of a the LG G Smartwatch. The usability is exactly the same, and when you say “Ok Google, Call name“, you still need to get your phone out of your pocket and just hope they have not answered straight away. This is the same when you answer a call as well. Basically, all this watch is good at is showing you your phones notifications. If you receive a juicy SMS, do not try and to read more, or respond to it because you simply cannot. The only thing it is useful for is to swipe it away. Personally, I find it just as easy, if not easier to look at my phone.

Am I getting Cancer?

As I said before, I am a bit sceptical in using the in-built heartrate monitor. After using it, you can feel your wrist heating up, and it just feels uncomfortable, to the point it was still irritating me hours later without wearing the watch. You know that gut instinct you get sometimes when something is bad, well I get this while using the heart rate monitor.

LG G WATCH R Heart Rate Laser

Will I Wear It Every Day?

Since receiving this watch from MobileZap a couple of weeks back, I wore it for the first few days and only picked it up once or twice; just so I can write this review. I am not a watch wearer now (I was in the past), but I just do not see a need for this watch, let alone any, especially when you cannot make and receive calls from it.

LG G Watch R Ok Google

Great Website

I do have to say though; LG has created an impressive promotional website for the watch. Just by looking at it, the LG G Watch R looks cool. However, read the reviews first (there are some below for you).

What others think?

TechRadar: The G Watch R is one of the best smartwatches on the market, but it’s still far from a polished device. Android Wear needs more work, it feels odd talking to your wrist and the price tag is hard to swallow.

Cnet: Although its stark design and beautiful face makes this the first smartwatch you might actually be happy to be seen wearing, its Android Wear software has a long way to go before it’s anything more than a passing novelty.

The Verge: As of right now, the LG G Watch R’s greatest appeal is to be found as a fashion accessory. It’s a high-tech wearable that combines some of the retro charm of classical timepieces with the allure of expanded, modern utility. It could be both smarter and more charming, but as a step along the path to developing a real smartwatch, it’s a solid stride forward.

Gizmodo: The LG G Watch R’s hardware is ready for your wrist. Android Wear? Not so much. As far as smartwatches currently go, the G Watch R sits in the top tier. It may even be the best, if you like its black chunky look, which I’m sure many will. But for me, Android Wear is just too limited at present to be worth your time.

TechCrunch: The LG G Watch R is the best designed Android Wear device currently available in my opinion. LG has done a great job of prioritizing design, with a take that isn’t milquetoast and takes some risks. That said, it’s not for everyone – Android Wear on circular displays is still a bit awkward, and this is a big piece of hardware for a wearable. Plus, at $299 it’s as expensive as some decent smartphones.

LG G WATCH R Unboxing

JackCola: LG, you built an amazing smartwatch that looks like a normal watch; you just need Google to lift their game with Android Wear. Obviously soon is not enough.

Interested in buying the LG G Watch R, head over to MobileZap.com.au for all your mobile device needs.

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