Jack Cola Freebies: Win a Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

It has been a big week here at Jack Cola HQ, with the launch of a brand new website after moving from Joomla to WordPress. Not only this, I am proud to launch Jack Cola Freebies, where I will be giving away free stuff.

With the launch of Jack Cola’s Freebies and the new website, I’ll be giving away a Samsung Galaxy S4 worth more than $700 to one lucky person, as well as other cool prizes.


I would like to thank both Virgin Mobile for inviting me to their Mobile Handset Testing team and providing a GS4 to review, and Vodafone for allowing me to give their test unit to you after inviting me to test out their new 4G network, in which you can surf the internet at some awesomely fast speeds.

How To Win A Samsung Galaxy S4

To win the Samsung Galaxy S4, you must participate in Jack Cola’s Freebies on Facebook in where you can win a lot of other freebies, not just the S4.

Winning the Samsung Galaxy S4 is easy. Just head on over to Jack Cola’s Freebies on Facebook and walk though the steps.

The Samsung GS4 Finalists Announced

Congratulations for the 5 people who are the finalists for the GS4 Giveaway. It is now time for you to vote who should win the prize. Congratulations to:

  • Kat C: Make sure the YouTube app is close at hand, put heaps of music on it, and set it up so I can read PDF files converted to ebooks. And make sure it connects to my spare charger at work. And fiddle. I cannot own any technology without fiddling with it heaps the day I get it.
  • Ash M: I’ll take a selfie photo, duck lips style and first send it to my teen who thinks he’s the bees knees with his fancy mobile and then one to my husband who thinks I’m a technophobe and only deserves a cheap non smart phone mobile. I’ll show them not to mess with the best ‘cos the best don’t mess!
  • Leigh N: run around silly, showing my wife how much better my new s4 for is than her iphone. may even have time to set up a swipe pattern that i will probably forget within the allowed 10 minutes given for this answer.. which will result in 15 mins of resetting phone…..
  • Samuel F: Throw my Samsung Galaxy S2 in the bin. I was one of the lucky ones who got one with a leaky button cell (battery acid leaks onto circuit board destroying the WiFi, and slowly crippling the phone). Naturally this occurred just after warranty had ended, right after the ICS update (which was originally blamed as the cause of the dead WiFi by many users). I’ve gotten by without WiFi for a long time and have been drawing the life out of it so far around a year (custom ROMs have been helpful), but it’s been in a downward spiral for a while now, forcing me to reset it at least a few times a day due to freezes. It is on its last legs and I’m just waiting for the day it’s rolls over and karks it.
  • Brendan L: Unbox it slowly making sure that I am aware of all the items that come with it. Read the manual and then turn it on, assuming it is charged.

To vote, just click the above link, and select who you think deserves the Galaxy S4 and accessory pack. Voting closes on the 18th July at 5pm, so plenty of time for the winners to get their friends and family to vote for them.

Good luck finalists!

And The Winner Is…

Please congratulate Ash M for winning the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Accessory pack! An email has been sent to you so I can send you the prize! I would also like to thank everyone who participated in this giveaway, both entering, and voting for the winner.



  • To be eligible for any prizes through Jack Cola freebies, your entry form email address for the prize must match the email address entered on the Jack Cola freebies app
  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone comes as in, unopened supplied by Vodafone. The GS4 may or may not be locked to Vodafone
  • You must be over 18 to win, and must be a resident of Australia (otherwise I won’t be able to send you the prize (P.O boxes are not accepted)
  • If the winner does not respond within 7 days of the winner being announced, the prize will go to a runners-up.
  • Entries close and voting for the winner will commence on Friday 12th July, or earlier, depending on the number of entries
  • Voting closes 18th July at 5pm AEST
  • Your supplied email address will be used to inform you about the winner of the giveaway


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