What Did Australian’s Search For Most In 2011 on Google

zeitgeist_logoIn December every year, Google creates a Zeitgeist list of the hottest search trends on Google, and last week Google published Australia’s Top Google Searches of 2011.

Check out the top two keywords in the following categories:

  • Fastest Rising Search Terms in 2011 – iPhone 5, Minecraft
    • 2010 – Chatroulette, Formspring
  • Top Food Search Terms in 2011 – Red Velvet Cupcakes, Cake Pops
    • 2010 – Minestrone soup, Macaroons
  • Top Celebrity Death Search Terms in 2011 – Amy Winehouse, Ryan Dunn
  • Fastest Rising New Search Terms in 2011 – iPhone 5, Libya
  • Top Searches for “What is?” in 2011 – What is love, What is energy
  • Top DIY Search Terms in 2011 – Wedding Invitations, Computer
  • Fastest Rising Cosmetic Surgery Searches in 2011 – Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, My Free Implants
  • Fastest Rising Shopping Searches in 2011 – ASOS, Costco
  • Top Movie Searches in 2011 – breaking dawn, dogma
  • Top Travel Destination Searches 2011 – Hamilton Island, Hawaii


The remaining top 10 searches can be found on Google’s Official Australia Blog.

Australia’s 2010 Zeitgeist list can be found here, and the global search terms for 2010 here.

Update: The global 2011 Zeitgeist can be found here.

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