100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About

Being somewhat young, there are a few things the oldies thought was the norm back in the day. Geek Dad from Wired.com has made up a list of some of the forgotten things us younger generation may not know about or have never experienced.  Below are just a few of them to get your appetite, so follow the link to read the entire list.

Audio-Visual Entertainment

  • Inserting a VHS tape into a VCR to watch a movie or to record something.
  • Super-8 movies and cine film of all kinds.
  • Playing music on an audio tape using a personal stereo.

Computers and Videogaming

  • Wires. OK, so they’re not gone yet, but it won’t be long
  • The scream of a modem connecting.
  • The buzz of a dot-matrix printer

The Internet

  • NCSA Mosaic.
  • Finding out information from an encyclopaedia.
  • Using a road atlas to get from A to B.
  • Doing bank business only when the bank is open.
  • Shopping only during the day, Monday to Saturday.


  • Typewriters.
  • Putting film in your camera: 35mm may have some life still, but what about APS or disk?
  • Sending that film away to be processed.
  • Having physical prints of photographs come back to you.

Everything Else

  • Taking turns picking a radio station, or selecting a tape, for everyone to listen to during a long drive.
  • Remembering someone’s phone number.
  • Not knowing who was calling you on the phone.

You can read the entire list of 100 at Geek Dad.


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