Download Your Friends Facebook Email Addresses In 2 Minutes

I just stumbled upon Digital Inspiration’s tip of How to export email addresses of all your Facebook friends.

It is an ingenious tip as most of the export contacts applications don’t allow you to download your friends email address. However, with this tip, you can. All you need is a Facebook and Yahoo Mail account.

First of all, go to your Contacts on Yahoo Mail. Click on Tools, and select Import. Click on the Facebook Logo and follow the prompts. From there, most of your contacts should be imported. All you have to do is then export your contacts to a CSV file, and you have your list.

Just visit this link, or select Contacts –> Tools –> Export –> Yahoo! CSV to export your contacts.

Download the file, open it, and you will have a list of most of your contacts email addresses.

Note how I mentioned most. This tip only downloads email address that are viewable in your friends Info page, and it does not download the email address that they used to signup with Facebook. If your friends don’t have an email address viewable, you want be able to download it.

Do you have any other tips to download information about your friends such as their names and phone numbers? Please share with us!


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