Are People Really That Dumb?

Blog, Read Write Web published a normal article on the 10th of February titled “Facebook Wants To Be Your One True Login”. Within hours it got hundreds of comments from people who say that they could not login to Facebook, why does facebook keep changing, and all these other hatred comments towards Facebook.

Little did they know they were not on Facebook, they were actually on Read Write Web. What happened was that their blog appeared in the top search results for “Facebook Login”. So when people went to login to Facebook, they couldn’t because they were on a different website.

I have to think to myself, are people really that dumb to not realise when there is a huge banner in red saying READ WRITE WEB that it is not Facebook? Read Write Web followed up with another post explaining more of the ordeal that hundreds of people had.

I can’t understand the fact that people don’t actually know how to use a web Brower properly. Google search finds websites and webpages. If you want to go to Facebook, move your mouse a few centimetres up and typing in If that is to hard to remember, type in Facebook and press control and enter at the same time.

I could carry on about this further, but I think will just offend more people. For those tech-savvy users, I am sure you are getting the message here, and you agree with me. For people to use the internet, I think they should all complete a course on how to use it properly. Agree?

And one more thing. After reading about this, I also found this conversation between a customer and a sale rep.

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