My Make Use Of Posts for December

Another month has gone as we enter the new year, and to the end of the year, I had 4 posts published over at Make Use Of.

5 Tips To Reset The Administrator Password in Windows XP

If you have forgotten your password to you Windows XP computer, then make sure you read this post as it goes into details on how you can retrieve or reset your user account password. Make sure you read the comments too as there are some great tips as well.

How To Value Your Blog Or Website To Sell It (Part Two)

I didn’t write the first part to this post, but if you are thinking of selling your website, here are a list of sites to tell the world your site is for sale. Make sure you also check out part 1.

Top 10 Sites For Computer Troubleshooting & Tech Support

Need some computer help? Well have a look at these great sites and forums to get almost instant computer help.

6 Tips On How To Unblock A Web Page From Behind A Firewall

Having trouble accessing a website at work, uni, or school? Make sure you have a read of some tips to bypass the firewall. Make sure you also read my post in November which tells you how to use a fake IP address.

So I hope you enjoyed these 4 posts to end the year of 2009. Have a great 2010.

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