My MakeUseOf Posts for October

Once again, another month has gone past, and once again, I had more posts published on MakeUseOf. But this month I have been a bit busy, and only managed to get 2 posts published.

This month I covered “How To Enable File Sharing On Vista Without Any Password”, so if you are having trouble sharing files and folders across your network without a password with Windows Vista, make sure you have a look at this for a solution.

My second post for the month came to me when reading a magazine I purchased and found a very interesting link, This site lets you upload an eBook and sell it for print with no costs to you. You just keep the profits that you have set. So head over to the post How To Publish Your Own Book (In Print) Cheaply, to read how its done. If you want to learn Java, why not buy this eBook of mine, “The Absolute Beginners Guide to Learning Java Programming.”

That’s all for October, and hopefully there will be more posts published in November.

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