The Town Of La Ciotat On The French Riviera

Posted by on November 7, 2012

Since leaving Cassis and enjoying the views from 400 meters up the cliff, we drove down the other side to enter the town of La Ciotat.

Our first goal was to find a tourist information centre, which we found, and inquired about going to Island of Corsica. However, the price to take a car over there just for a few days wasn’t worth it. Although we heard some of the beaches and coves are really awesome there, we just didn’t have the time, or the money to justify the trip.

What should have been a 1 hour stop, ended up being more, because funny enough, most shops shut for lunch in France, so we had to wait for the travel agent to open after lunch to enquire.

Also, finding toilets is troublesome as well, and expensive. So we found a cafe which had a big W.C sign inside, and got a few drinks. It’s a little on the expensive side, but when you need to go, you need to go.


The Yummy Bakery

Since we were getting a little hungry, we tried to find somewhere to get a snack, We found a nice bakery, who also makes delicious chocolates as well. Unfortunately, I there is no Google Street View, so I can’t find the location of the place. But we had seconds and thirds… it was yummy. But this is outside. DSC_0678

Photo’s of La Ciotat






I have to say, the town is much nicer than in the photo’s. I tend to make places look bad to what they actually are.

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