Staying At Europa Park’s Camp Site: It’s one of the best campsites!

Posted by on October 22, 2012

So, we found Europa Park – from the outside it looks good, but we wanted to see what it was like on the inside. Since it was closed, we needed to find a caravan park close by to stay for the night.

After driving around the town of Rust for some time beforehand, and trying to get information from the tourist information computer, we found Europa Parks caravan site, which is very handy being next door (walking distance). In fact, parking a campervan their is closer than parking a car in the carpark.

I have to say, this is one of the best caravan parks I have been too. Here’s why:

It’s Basically A Car Park

When you arrive, you don’t need to go to reception and “book in”, you just drive up to the gate, grab a ticket and find a spot to park. Parking spots are clearly marked (unlike some campsites), and if it’s full, you have 15 minutes to drive out without having to pay. When you leave, you pay your money at the ticket machine outside and then just drive out whenever you want.

Capped Pricing

Basically, you pay 2 Euro per hour to stay there. The day (8am to 8pm) is capped at 6 Euro, and the night is capped at 22 Euro’s.

So if you want to park your campervan during the day at Europa Park, (arrive after 8am and leave before 8pm), it will cost you $6. Parking at Europa Park will cost you $4. If you arrive after 8pm, and leave at 9am in the morning, you will pay 24 Euro’s because you reach your capped limit of 22 Euro’s for the night, and you pay an extra 2 Euro for the day. If you leave between 12pm and 8pm, you will pay 22 Euro’s for the night and 6 Euro’s for the day. Quite simple.

The only downside with this, is you can drive around the town. If you arrive, stay for 3 hours, leave for 10 minutes, then come back, you have to pay an extra 6 Euro’s for the day – but you don’t really need to leave

The Theme & It’s Clean

Why I liked this park is because of the theme. Here are some photo’s I took:



Although this is a bad photo, you can see the Silver Star Rollercoaster in the distance over the water and TeePee’s


Mens Bathroom in Europa Park Caravan Park






















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